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Market with Flying Colors


Most of the above logos you could identify in a heartbeat: color, no color, possibly even with a portion of it missing or distorted. The science of brand recognition is so intriguing that there's even a popular board game which makes an activity out of it. While the hues used for various companies logos may not immediately evoke a specific reaction, I certainly appreciate the interesting correlations within color families.


I recently came across the following article which makes some very acute observations about the psychology of color:


"Why does color psychology invoke so much conversation...but is backed with so little factual data? As research shows, it's likely because elements such as personal preference, experiences, upbringing, cultural differences, context, etc., often muddy the effect individual colors have on us.


It has even been suggested in Color Research & Application that it is of paramount importance for new brands to specifically target logo colors that ensure differentiation from entrenched competitors (if the competition all uses blue, you'll stand out by using purple)..."    


Read entire article... courtesy of Entrepreneur.com