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A fly-er on the wall...

Whether you intend on distributing your flyer in a mailing campaign, handing them out directly to prospective clients, or posting on a bulletin board, the fact remains that you want to make an impact. There are some very simple guidelines you can follow when designing your ad to ensure that the viewer's interest is piqued:

"1. Consistent use of colours (not too dull/not too many): Consistency is key.
 2. Interesting main graphic/image to grab attention: Make sure you use a relevant and interesting graphic, cartoon, picture, drawing or image.
 3. Use a clear headline stating the benefit
 4. Include an offer: Give people something to respond to… NOW!
 5. Include a direct call-to-action
 6. Contact details or location clearly visible: Don’t make recipients hunt for your details – they don’t have the time."

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