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Get with the Program!

When planning your next fundraiser, reunion, seminar, or other major event, it's important to ensure that you have an appropriate and attractive program for your attendees. Formal occasions call for using a classical font like Garamond (my personal favorite) or Bodoni. Be certain to select artwork that also reflects the mood you're trying to cultivate. Supposing your event program is designed and organized handsomely, not only will people appreciate it at the ceremony, they'll also be motivated to preserve it as a keepsake. The following tips from eHow.com provide some excellent, additional guidelines to follow:

"Choose a clear, readable font.

Create a list of all the contents for reference as you design the program.

Create a contents page if your program has more than four pages.

Insert advertisements where appropriate.

Read the finished program several times yourself, and ask others to proofread it."

Read entire article. Courtesy of eHow.com.