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I Saw Three Tips (Come Sailing In)

Exchanging gifts with loved ones is a time-honored tradition during the holidays. Exchanging business cards with professional contacts used to be considered another classic custom. Recently, however, it's been disparaged by some in terms of self-promotion. But this cavalier attitude is certain to get you put on the naughty list. Business cards are still an essential element of networking and building new, working relationships. I discovered the following article with three basic concepts that could change the way you think about business cards:

"Update Your Cards: Instead of sticking with the staid and simple business card layout, get creative. Add useful tools to your card to give people a reason to hold on to it. If you’re a baker, put a list of bread definitions on the card. You could list important dates in the coming year or give a conversion chart for your industry.

Do Something Different: If you’re an artist, designer or photographer, use your business cards to share your work with people. One option might be to create several business card designs so that people want to see all of them. Or, you could take a piece of your work and cut it into smaller segments so that only by combining several cards will the whole picture be revealed.

Reimagine the Purpose: You might use them as your primary résumé: Printing the basic details of your experience and education on the card and to give out to potential hiring managers at a conference or job fair. If you’re in a retail-type business, then why not include a coupon code on your business card?"

The best part about digital color printing at Dollar Bill is it lends itself to more versatility in executing the aforementioned advice. With offset printing you may be limited by color and quantity limits. We allow for full-color printing at incredible prices whether you're ordering 50 or 1,000!

Read entire article. Courtesy of Small Business BC.

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