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Print! Print! Read All About It!

There's no denying the fact that we live in a technological age. Dollar Bill Copying sends out e-newsletters and has a blog and for pete's sake! I think you already knew that though, if you're reading this...but I digress. We also understand that print, perhaps now more than ever, plays a unique role in business and marketing needs. I found this intriguing article that discusses how to use print appropriately, and when it trumps the ever popular digital alternatives:

"According to marketing experts, people receive so much advertising through websites and email these days, that print has found a way to stand out in the digital chaos. In fact, in terms of direct mail marketing, even when people don´t open the envelope, there is a benefit for brand recognition when people see the business logo and tagline on the outside.

When customers prefer print

For example, in the case of major purchases, print is the ruling type of marketing. People like to have a brochure to learn about all the specifications of their next sports car or condo, they prefer this to looking at a website. Print also has the advantage of being physical. Great quality printing beats any computer monitor in terms of displaying appealing images. In fact, computer manufacturers are busting their brains to make displays that make images look as good as in print."

Read entire article... courtesy of Media Connections PR and Marketing

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