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The envelope please...


Whether you're watching a movie trailer, listening to a music clip, sampling wine, or test driving a car, the "preview" is often an important step in deciding whether or not something is worth your time and money. When you think about it, the envelope is a similar "sneak peek" with regard to what's enclosed. It's important to make sure that your envelope appropriately promotes the content and encourages the receiver to open it, instead of tossing it away as junk mail. I came across the following helpful tips for designing an envelope:

"Things to consider:
1. Size - Your OE (outer envelope) doesn't have to be a standard size. While it may cost more in postage to mail a non-standard envelope, this could be your best investment for standing out in a stack of predictable #10s or 6" x 9"s.
2. Shape
3. Color - If you've already got a winning control OE and you're looking for a simple test to bump response, test color. Keep everything else about the mailing the same. If it's white, make it blue. If it's blue, test a color that reflects your brand.


9. Window vs. closed face - Traditionally, window envelopes were used for business mail while closed face envelopes were thought to look more personal, more private. But this trend is changing. Window envelopes can provide a peek of your envelope's contents — no matter what you're selling.


11. Corner card/return address - A powerful piece of real estate, the corner card is that relatively small area in the upper left corner of an OE. It's one of the places the screener's eye goes first while deciding whether or not to keep your mail piece. That's because it reveals who sent the mailing. Treat it as an important strategic element."

Read entire article courtesy of DirectMarketingIQ

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