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Those who can do; those who can't...hire a graphic designer!

As one of Ann Arbor's favorite digital printers, Dollar Bill serves many local corporations. Folks like Zingerman's, Avfuel, and Bank of Ann Arbor have their own expert design teams. But if you're part of a smaller business, here are some great tips for hiring and/or working with a graphic designer:

"Non-Designer Tip #1: Don't Design

Many non-designers think they can easily say, 'make that blue' or 'make that bigger' as a method to creating good work. This is a major hindrance to the design process. Graphic designers are problem solvers. So, present them with a problem to solve, don't give them the solution to implement. Why? Because they are much more versed at visual problem solving than you are.

Non-Designer Tip #2: Communicate Before the Project Starts...

Creatives work differently than the rest of us. They work differently from each other, too. Before a project starts, it's important to understand what's needed in order to output a successful piece or product.

Non-Designer Tip #3: Understand the Designer's Value...

Some positions within the organization may regard graphic design work to be merely 'cosmetic' and 'embellishments.' In some cases, it can be. But good design is functional. Combined with your well-defined business objectives, good graphic design provides solutions to your business needs under the guise of simply 'being pretty.'"

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Courtesy of FreelanceGraphicDesigner.Info

Dollar Bill offers certain design services, but if you're in need of help for a larger or more complicated project, please contact one of our other creative customers: Designs with Aim, Global Design, or Wagner Design!

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