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You CAN judge a postcard by its cover!

Postcards provide a great benefit over email marketing campaigns, in that they're tactile. The visual appeal of a colorful postcard in your mailbox is far more compelling than the 50 character or less subject line of an email. Direct mail marketing through postcards forces the receiver to at least glance at your logo or brand strategy before deciding whether or not it is something that motivates them further.

I came across the following article, with useful tips on how to make your next postcard more eye-catching:

"Let’s say you’re launching the best deal the universe has ever seen, and you build a highly-targeted mailing list full of likely buyers. According to the 40/40/20 rule, 80 percent of your work has been done. Now, let’s say you print a direct-mail postcard that lists 100 different features and benefits and essentially buries your offer in 8-point font. Do you think such a postcard would be nearly as effective as, say, a postcard that boasts the same offer in an extra-large yellow font on a black background? Of course not.  The first postcard will likely be thrown away before many potential customers even register the offer, while the second postcard will undoubtedly yield excellent ROI because it commands attention. It is, in short, attractive.

1. Contrast and simplicity

2. Big descriptive headlines

3. Interesting images..."

Read entire article... courtesy of Business 2 Community.com

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