Digital Coursepacks are Here!

The Choice You Trust!

After a year of exhaustive research and negotiations with various companies, Dollar Bill has teamed up with an excellent digital partner, providing a fantastic digital product for you and your students. XanEdu was the only business with proven digital technology and an existing technical support infrastructure worthy to collaborate with. You will still receive the same outstanding customer service, organization, and print quality you’ve come to expect from Dollar Bill. The only difference is you and your students will have more choice, including the choice of using a digital coursepack.

These new choices will empower you to put the most important and timely materials in your coursepack, while giving your students the choices they want. Students that choose digital will appreciate better readability, advanced search and navigation, and more collaborative tools to enhance their learning experience. And, they don’t need the Internet to gain access.

A digital coursepack brings other benefits. The use of links and video will give you the ability to enhance your coursepack even further while maintaining a firm control on costs. Don’t your student’s deserve more?

Print is still available. Better yet, we now offer a Digital Combo Premium Coursepack that provides the best of both print and digital for one amazingly low price!

The choices are clear. You can stay with print or you can open the opportunity for your students to choose the way they read best. Either way, from start to finish, you can continue to expect the same great service and execution from Dollar Bill. And it's all possible, because you spent the time to build a coursepack with Dollar Bill!


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Why a Coursepack?

Your Choice, Their Success...



Coursepacks are about value. Getting the most valuable information in front of your students has never been easier. You know what your students need. Now you have to find a way to get it in front of them. With Dollar Bill’s copyright “Price Check” you can compare the copyright costs of various articles you choose and pick the best value instead of deleting important information because of cost. Best of all it’s fast and it’s free.


Compact & Concise

Coursepacks contain the most important information to supplement your teaching efforts. The key to keeping costs down is to make sure only the most important information is included in your coursepack. Less important material can be displayed on-line. (Some studies show that when material is posted on-line it is deemed as less important by students.) So, if you think it’s important and want them to read it, put it in a coursepack.



Coursepacks are more timely. The key to a great coursepack is timing. While a textbook might be developed a year or more in advance, you can make a coursepack at ANY TIME. Late-breaking news? Important new research? No problem. Dollar Bill makes it easy to make a coursepack whenever you want it. Afterall, who knows better what your students need than you!


Unlimited Choice

Coursepacks are about choice. Too many on-line coursepack vendors limit your choices or take forever when they encounter material they are unaccustomed to. Why limit your choices when it’s easier to provide the information you want your students to read using Dollar Bill’s coursepack service? Dollar Bill has been successfully building coursepacks for over 37 years. We have seen it all and are prepared to handle whatever it takes to put the most valuable information in front of your students.